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We provide services in 3 main areas


Enerins builds several Scientific Measurement Systems that can be shipped to world wide on relativity short delivery. They have the advantage to be both economic to purchase and to operate.

Custom Based Solutions

We are open to customers to develop integrated thermoelectric, magnetic and electrical subsystems and assemblies for testing at high and low temperature in high-vacuum applications.


We would like to develop projects with you, apply to grants and take a part at your project.

Our Story

Our Story

Enerins Energy R&D was founded as an R&D company in ODTU Teknokent, Ankara / Turkey in 2015 to develop Wearable Power Generators. We are developing cost effective, light and convenient wearable thermoelectric devices for Power Generation and for Heating/Cooling purpose. 
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Our Team

If you want something done right, do it by yourself!
Murat Gunes
Murat Gunes
Founder & CEO

Happy Customers

Custom based instrument model out of the box proactive solution.

Latest news

  • Seebeck System

    High Temperature Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Resistivity Measurement System THERMOMETER

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    HalBach System

    HALL EFFECT Our Compact Bench-Top Hall Measurement System is to measure the resistivity, carrier concentration, and mobility of semiconductors at low, high and at room temperature. Permanent magnets are preferred providing user-friendly system with easy-to-use and low coast. Download: hall-coefficient-measurement-systems-catalogue Poster of the Halbach System

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