ENERINS builds several Scientific Standard Systems that can be shipped to world wide on relativity short delivery. They have the advantage to be both economic to purchase and to operate.

He3 Limited is a partner company that was founded as an R&D company in ODTU Teknokent, Ankara / Turkey in 2014 and it continues.

Being the first in the area of Thermoelectricy in Turkey, company is the only supplier of

  • Seebeck Coefficient Electrical Resistivity Measurement Setup at High-Temperature
  • Electrical Resistivity Measurement Setup at High-Temperature
  • Thermal Conductivity Measurement Setup at High-Temperature
  • High-Low Temperature Hall Effect Measurement System.

and many other laboratory equipments.

Our aim is to effectively and efficiently provide quality products and services which satisfy the specified requirements of its customers and which comply with all statutory regulations.