We are open to customers to develop integrated thermoelectric subsystems and assemblies for thermal management in high-volume applications. Leveraging our expertise in the are of metrology and thermoelectric systems, we will be honored in helping our customers identify integrated solutions to enable innovative products, enhance system sensitivity, and reduce costs.

Do not hesitate to consult us for more information.

Thermoelectric Heaters & Coolers

Peltier Heater / Cooler
Air Cooler
Plate Heater / Cooler
Thermoelectric Cooler Modules

Measurement Systems 

High Temperature Seebeck Coefficient and Electrical Resistivity Measurement System : THERMOMETER
Room Temperature 4-Point Probe Sheet Resistance, Resistance, Resistivity Measurement System
Hall Measurement System
Sheet resistance : 4-Point Probe Measurement of wafer
3-Point Spreading Resistance Measurement
Heated Plate 4-Point Probe Sheet Resistance, Resistance, Resistivity Measurement System
Triple and Double Beadless Thermocouple Design
Sample Probe for Thin / Thick Film Samples
Sample Probe for Bulk Samples
Micro Heaters
NI LabVIEW: Develop instrument control software for industrial automation, test, and measurement applications
Pyroelectric Coefficient Measurement System

Vacuum Systems

Vacuum Chamber Design
Feedthroughs & Viewports
Flanges & Components